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Index of all Raw Exposures

Table nameDescription
ARCRaw Arc frames; exposures of one or more arc lamps illuminating the whole field of view
ASTROMETRYRaw Astrometry frames; exposures of astrometric fields.
BIASRaw Bias frames; taken with zero exposure time and closed shutter.
DARKRaw Dark frames; taken with closed shutter.
FLATRaw Flat frames; exposures of continuum lamp illuminating the whole field of view
GuidingSystemThe Guiding System with the slow- and auto guide stars
ILLUMRaw Illum frames; single optional raw attached-field field exposure
OBJECTRaw Object frames; exposures of science targets.
RawFitsThe unsplit exposures, all other raws are generated from these
SKYRaw Sky frames; exposures of (almost) empty sky fields.
SKYFLATRaw SkyFlat frames; exposures of the twilight sky.
STDRaw Standard-star frames; exposures of standard star fields.
UncategorizedThese exposures could not be categorized as one of the default raw classes

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