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Attribute nameAttribute typeDocstringUnit
combinestrType of lampwise image combination to use. {average,median,minmax,sigclip}
lambda_sizeintImage size in line wavelength direction
line_qualityintMinimal quality flag in line catalog for selection
lsf_rangefloatWavelength window (half size) around each line to estimate LSF
lsf_regression_windowfloatSize of the regression window in LSF direction
lsf_sizeintImage size in LSF direction
mergeintMerge output products from different IFUs into a common file.
methodstrLSF generation method. Depending on this value, either an interpolated LSF cube is created, or a table with the parameters of a hermitean gaussian. {interpolate,hermit}
nifuintIFU to handle. If set to 0, all IFUs are processed serially. If set to -1, all IFUs are processed in parallel.
object_idoidtypeThe object identifier

The object identifier is an attribute shared by all persistent
instances. It is the prime key, by which object identity is established
overscanstrIf this is "none", stop when detecting discrepant overscan levels (see ovscsigma), for "offset" it assumes that the mean overscan level represents the real offset in the bias levels of the exposures involved, and adjusts the data accordingly; for "vpoly", a polynomial is fit to the vertical overscan and subtracted from the whole quadrant.
ovscignoreintThe number of pixels of the overscan adjacent to the data section of the CCD that are ignored when computing statistics or fits.
ovscrejectstrThis influences how values are rejected when computing overscan statistics. Either no rejection at all ("none"), rejection using the DCR algorithm ("dcr"), or rejection using an iterative constant fit ("fit").
ovscsigmafloatIf the deviation of mean overscan levels between a raw input image and the reference image is higher than |ovscsigma x stdev|, stop the processing. If overscan="vpoly", this is used as sigma rejection level for the iterative polynomial fit (the level comparison is then done afterwards with |100 x stdev| to guard against incompatible settings). Has no effect for overscan="offset".
recipe_versionintVersion of the recipe
save_subtractedintSave the pixel table after the LSF subtraction.

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