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Attribute nameAttribute typeDocstringUnit
bkgfractionfloatFraction of the image (without the ignored part) to be considered as background.
bkgignorefloatFraction of the image to be ignored.
bpixdistancefloatMinimum allowed distance of a source to the closest bad pixel in pixel. Detected sources which are closer to a bad pixel are not taken into account when computing the field offsets. This option has no effect if the source positions are taken from input catalogs.
expmapintEnables the creation of a simple exposure map for the combined field-of-view.
fwhmfloatFWHM in pixels of the convolution filter.
iterationsintMaximum number of iterations used for detecting sources.
nbinsintNumber of bins to use for 2D histogram on the first iteration of the offset computation.
object_idoidtypeThe object identifier

The object identifier is an attribute shared by all persistent
instances. It is the prime key, by which object identity is established
override_detectionintOverrides the source detection step. If this is enabled and source catalogs are present in the input data set, the source positions used to calculate the field offsets are read from the input catalogs. If no catalogs are available as input data the source positions are detected on the input images.
recipe_versionintVersion of the recipe
roundmaxfloatUpper limit of the allowed point-source roundness.
roundminfloatLower limit of the allowed point-source roundness.
rsearchstrSearch radius (in arcsec) for each iteration of the offset computation.
sharpmaxfloatUpper limit of the allowed point-source sharpness.
sharpminfloatLower limit of the allowed point-source sharpness.
srcmaxintMaximum number of sources which may be found.
srcminintMinimum number of sources which must be found.
stepfloatIncrement/decrement of the threshold value in subsequent iterations.
thresholdfloatInitial intensity threshold for detecting point sources. If the value is negative or zero the threshold is taken as sigma above median background MAD. If it is larger than zero the threshold is taken as absolute background level.
weightintUse weighting.

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