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Attribute nameAttribute typeDocstringUnit
creation_datedatetimeThe datetime this objects was created
ESO_QC_TRACE_GAPS_MAXfloatMaximum gap between slicespix
ESO_QC_TRACE_GAPS_MEANfloatMean of gaps between slicespix
ESO_QC_TRACE_GAPS_MEDIANfloatMedian of gaps between slicespix
ESO_QC_TRACE_GAPS_MINfloatMinimum of gap between slicespix
ESO_QC_TRACE_GAPS_STDEVfloatStandard deviation of gaps between slicespix
ESO_QC_TRACE_SLICE10_WIDTHfloatWidth of top left slice in the IFU (10 on CCD)pix
ESO_QC_TRACE_SLICE39_WIDTHfloatWidth of bottom right slice in the IFU (39 on CCD)pix
ESO_QC_TRACE_SLICE3_WIDTHfloatWidth of bottom left slice in the IFU (3 on CCD)pix
ESO_QC_TRACE_SLICE46_WIDTHfloatWidth of top right slice in the IFU (46 on CCD)pix
ESO_QC_TRACE_SLICE_L_TILTfloatTilt of leftmost slice, measured as angle from vertical directiondeg
ESO_QC_TRACE_SLICE_L_XPOSfloatLocation of midpoint of leftmost slicepix
ESO_QC_TRACE_SLICE_R_TILTfloatTilt of rightmost slice, measured as angle from vertical directiondeg
ESO_QC_TRACE_SLICE_R_XPOSfloatLocation of midpoint of rightmost slicepix
ESO_QC_TRACE_WIDTHS_MAXfloatMaximum width of slicespix
ESO_QC_TRACE_WIDTHS_MEANfloatMean width of slicespix
ESO_QC_TRACE_WIDTHS_MEDIANfloatMedian width of slicespix
ESO_QC_TRACE_WIDTHS_MINfloatMinimum width of slicespix
ESO_QC_TRACE_WIDTHS_STDEVfloatStandard deviation of widths of slicespix
object_idoidtypeThe object identifier

The object identifier is an attribute shared by all persistent
instances. It is the prime key, by which object identity is established
parameterizedQCpar_TRACE_TABLELink to the list of parameterized QC attributes

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