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IMAGE_FOV_cube_filter Overview

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Data Model View

Attribute nameAttribute typeDocstringUnit
datacubeDATACUBE_FINALInstance of PIXTABLE_OBJECT, group raw, min 1, max -1
drs_versionfloatThe version of the DRS used to make this object
file_deletedintSwitch to indicate if file has been deleted from the data server(s)
filenamestrThe name of the associated file
filter_listFILTER_LISTInstance of FILTER_LIST, group calib
filter_namesstrThe filter names to use from the filter_list, defult all
globalnamestrThe name used to store and retrieve file to and from Storage
log_fileLogFileThe log file of the process which created this object
muserunMuseRunThe object was created during this MuseRun
musewise_versionstrThe version of Muse-WISE used to make this object
object_idoidtypeThe object identifier

The object identifier is an attribute shared by all persistent
instances. It is the prime key, by which object identity is established

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